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Calling All Yearbook Lovers

By: Avery Ducar

Yearbook is an amazing club to join if you need a creative outlet. Your creativity will forever be captured in a book that you can keep forever. Every year, everyone waits to see the yearbook. It is something everybody looks forward to reading. It is a summary of the past year at North.

The club meets all year, and each member is given a spread, which is two pages. Then, they choose a topic and start working! You can email students or make google forms to send out in order to collect any data you may need. Once you have all your information, you put it into your spread and add designs. There are, of course, themes, but you get a lot of creative liberty. If you are an artist or writer, this would be a great way to hone your skills.

The yearbook is for everyone, not just the people who help create it. The yearbook wants to have as many people and as much diversity as possible. Everyone is different and their unique talents should be shown! If you ever get an email or see an advertisement for a Google form for Yearbook, fill it out! Most of the yearbook Google forms are short and sweet and can be found on their Instagram: @wnyearbook.

Sage Sorensen, an editor on the yearbook, says she enjoys yearbook because of “the creative outlet that Yearbook gives me, as well as all of the wonderful relationships I have because of it! This year I am also especially grateful for the position I have in the club because it gives me the chance to build new relationships and to teach and mentor people, which is what I long to do as a career.” Yearbook is low stress and fun! There is always someone to help if you have any trouble, and it is a great place to make new friends. Ms. Strah, who helps run the yearbook club, summarizes it as “An amazing opportunity to create a piece of Falcon history that the school, community, and staff will appreciate and enjoy. By joining a yearbook club, you are becoming something bigger than yourself and able to shine in what you do best.” Yearbook isn't about just one individual, it's about everyone and their unique attributes.

If you're interested in joining, you can contact Sage Sorensen at s067618@cusd200.org. Yearbook is organized into seasons. The spring season starts February 1st, so email by then! She can catch up on everything yearbook has done so far this year, and you can get the opportunity to get a spring page!

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