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X-Town Football

By: Avery Ducar

One of the things Wheaton North students look forward to every football season is the North vs. South game. This game usually has the biggest crowds and the most energy, despite the cold. Everyone loves to face their rivals in athletic events, even if you play against some of your friends.

This year's game was similar to last year’s, being that the game was very back-and-forth. There were not a lot of points scored this year, but the energy during the game more than made up for that. For most of the game, South was in the lead. They scored their first touchdown with a minute to go in the first quarter, which put them in the lead with seven points. Then skip to the fourth quarter, and Wheaton North makes a touchdown. The coaches went for a 2-point conversion to put them in the lead. The gamble paid off. Wheaton North won on their home field, beating South by 1 point. Congrats to all the players and coaches!

It is important to mention that even though Wheaton North and Wheaton South are rivals, it does not mean we do not have a community. Lots of people in the stands and on the field have friends and family on the opposite side of town. However, I think both sides more than enjoy a little cross-town rivalry.

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