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Women's History Month in Movies

By Haanya Quadri

March marks the beginning of Women's History Month, a chance to celebrate women of today and of the past by empowering them and acknowledging their contributions to the world. Although women make up just under fifty percent of the world’s population, their achievements are often undermined. From Marie Curie to Greta Thunberg, women have been paving the way for societal advancements for centuries, and yet the wage gap and sexism are still very real issues today. One way you can celebrate women is by embracing women empowerment through movies and entertainment. Here are some suggestions for amazing movies and TV shows that celebrate women and are perfect to watch this Women's’ History Month:

  1. Moana: a strong, stubborn girl ventures across the sea to save her island

  2. Mulan: a courageous daughter joins the Chinese army to keep her elderly father safe

  3. Hidden Figures: three black women face extreme challenges as they work at NASA

  4. Little Women: four tight-knit sisters detail their coming-of-age experiences

  5. Legally Blonde: A popular blonde goes to law school while learning valuable lessons about herself

  6. The Help: a white journalist details the challenges faced by black housekeepers

  7. Wonder Woman: An Amazon warrior emerges to stop imminent threats to humankind

  8. The Devil Wears Prada: an inexperienced college grad finds herself working for an intense fashion editor

  9. Brave: a Scottish princess challenges societal traditions and learns the value of familial bonds.

  10. He Named Me Malala: the true story of Malala Yousufzai, a Pakistani girl who got shot by the Taliban for promoting girls’ education

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