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WN Show Choir Spotlight: Flight

By: Ashlyn Kafer

The Wheaton North Show Choir, most commonly known as Flight, has had an extremely successful season this year. After tryouts in early fall, they have been working on their show entitled, Ancestories for Months, perfecting it. Their hard work paid off as they took home several Grand Champ and First Runner Up awards.

Flight Show Choir begins with auditions in the fall and their official competition season beginning as a winter/early spring sport. Although they were not in full competition swing during the fall, their rodeo themed Homecoming performance allowed the audience to see some of the greatness to expect in their upcoming season. Flight attended a total of five competitions, winning three Grand Champion (first place) titles and two first-runner up (second place) titles. With a wide scope of opposing schools, the ability for Flight to prosper as much as they did is an incredible feat, and it did not go unnoticed. As well as overall titles, the competition judges offer a variety of different awards to individual singers, the band, or production of the show overall. These titles include best soloist, performer, vocals, choreography, band, and costumes! Wheaton North is lucky to have such a wide variety of talent to have won titles in all of these categories, with winners including; Holly Wiper, Zoe-Shores Navata, Gen Barron, Vera Tax, Tori Crowley, and the Wheaton North Flight Band.

The theme of the production was Ancestories, highlighting the importance of passing down history, stories, and staying connected with those around you. Junior Timothy Beck, a three-year Flight participant, mirrors this theme in recalling his experience this year, “It’s crazy what 52 kids can do if they are all working towards the same goal. We became storytellers everytime we stepped on stage, sharing not only individual stories but one main story. We accomplished an amazing season, and I am extremely impressed with winning [Grand Champs] three times!”

And for the Senior participants of Flight, they were able to end with a great season that left them with many medals to carry on with them as they journey away from Wheaton North in only a few short months. Senior Maddie Lee recounts her four-years as a member of Flight, “I have loved being a part of Flight, and everyone in it holds a special place in my heart. Flight has become my second home, and this season was the best senior season I could have ever asked for!” Congratulations to all of the Seniors for a great season and good luck in the future, wherever your voices and stories may carry you.

Congratulations to Wheaton North Flight on a season of many hair rollers, aching bones, hard work, and trophies as well as memories that they can make their own Ancestories out of. As the audience not so patiently waits for next year's encore, the triumphs of Flight are to be commended, especially the spirit of the group and their ability to bring some NorthSide Pride across the state. Cheers to a great season and many more to follow!

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