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WN Fashion: Mrs. Moodie

By: Alexa Valdes

Mrs. Moodie is widely known for her choice in fashion around the building. After an interview with her, I've learned how she achieved it.

Growing up Mrs. Moodie wasn’t much of a fashion admirer. It wasn’t until she was out of class and had her own money to spend, that she decided that fashion could be a way for her to be creative and express herself.

Once she became a teacher, she realized that most of her clothing was going to be worn at school, thus when buying new pieces she made it her priority to pick teaching appropriate items. After the selected item passes that requirement, the next one is about whether the item goes with the rest of her wardrobe. To her, it is important that all of her clothes can be worn together and look like they belong. Her advice for layering is three layers always on top, necklaces and jackets count as a layer each.

Moodie gets her inspiration through fashion in TV shows such as Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, New Girl, and Emily in Paris. With all these ideas she is able to put together an outfit of her desire or even create pinterest boards with potential choices. She also admires social studies teacher Cohen, for her full body jumper because it is both cute and comfy.

Moodie's three main sources of obtaining clothes are Zara, Amazon, and her sister’s hand-me-downs. From her wardrobe her favorite piece of clothing is her sequin jacket because: “it is festive and fun and makes everything seem like a party”.

When asked about her fashion hot take styles, Moodie said, “You don’t have to have a set style, you can wear what you feel that day. Pick and choose an outfit based on how you feel”. A set style is not obligatory and neither is coming up with unique outfits to avoid repeating. If an outfit makes you feel confident, it is okay to repeat and wear it many times. Moodie doesn’t make it a goal to not repeat outfits, she will most likely wear certain pieces again in a different fashion.

Once in highschool, she wore jeans that were too high in her ankles. She decided to turn them into cuffed jeans to make it look intentional. If you wear anything with confidence or make it look like it is meant to be worn as is, then people will not question your style choice.

In any case, it is better to be too dressed up than underdressed, and wear things that are comfortable and make you feel confident.

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