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Why You Should Watch WandaVision

By: Aadil Kherani

WandaVision is a refreshing new show like no other. Breaking common culture barriers, WandaVision is innovative and expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe in unexpected ways. The first Marvel Disney Plus original series has already received great critical reception and has been flourished with love by many fans. The show had a two-episode premiere on January 15 and will continue with seven more episodes, one released each week. WandaVision depicts many decades over the course of the show and will certainly have something for everyone.

Wanda and Vision are superheroes who live an ordinary life in a friendly suburban neighborhood -- or so it seems. They both play their ordinary 50’s married roles -- Wanda being a housewife and Vision working at an office. Modeling 50s-60s sitcoms, the first two episodes are reminiscent of popular shows like I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke Show. Through classic comedy, the show definitely gives viewers a lot of laughs and heartwarming entertainment. So, if you adore classic sitcoms, you will definitely have some fun with it. But for those who aren’t just in it for the light-hearted comedy, there is definitely some mystery intertwined. The first two episodes are filled with hidden messages and ties to the Marvel Universe, and that is just the beginning. This show has a lot of builds and brilliantly adds more elements with every episode. So don’t give up after initially watching the first few episodes. I guarantee there will be a lot more in store.

Through it's riveting narrative and quirky gags, WandaVison provides a delightful experience that definitely has a lot to offer. If you treasure old school comedies, are a lover of mystery, a superhero fan, or just a regular person in for a good time, WandaVision will make for a very exciting watch.

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