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Wheaton North Art Show

By: Paige Terpstra

The Wheaton North Art Show is right around the corner! It is always so exciting to see what our peers have created, and this year, teachers are thrilled to have been able to hold a virtual show! Want to attend the show but don’t quite know how? Ms. Verdon answers a few common questions below!

How is the art show going to look different this year?

Last year, at the beginning of the pandemic, we were able to have a "Seniors Only" Art Show that we presented online using Google Slides. We asked for our seniors to submit their best work from the year, and add it to a slideshow, which we then turned into a video with a music bed. This year we were able to plan ahead a bit more, and have an Art Show that's open to all art students. It will be run on a Padlet. Students who registered for the show received a link to the Padlet, and they are adding their own work to it. The work will be divided according to Medium or Category, so all the Drawing will be together, all the Photo together, etc. Students who are enrolled in higher-level courses are allowed to enter more pieces.

Additionally, there is a separate SENIOR ART SHOW Padlet, for those students who have a portfolio of 5-7 pieces they would like to show as a group, with all of their work together. They also can include an artist's statement, where they discuss how their art fits into their life and possible career path, and info about where they will be attending after they graduate.

How will students be able to access/attend the show?

The link to the Art Show will be posted on the WNHS website. Anyone with access to the school site can view the show!

When is the art show going to be?

The show will premiere on Friday, May 21st, and will be up at least through the end of the school year.

Is there anything else students should know about the show?

We're very excited about the student work that will be included in this year's show. The year has been stressful for many students in a variety of ways, and for many, creating art has been a way to deal with those emotions, or a welcome way to relax after the time spent on-screen during the day.

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