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What Are Students Doing over Winter Break?

By: Angelina Grimm

Now that Wheaton North has switched to having finals before the break, students can enjoy their break without any worry about homework and projects. Students were interviewed on what they would be doing over break, along with some of their favorite things during the holiday season. They also recapped the year by sharing their favorite memory of 2022.

The first student to be interviewed is Grayson Salter. Grayson is currently a junior, and he is looking forward to hanging out with his family during the break. He also plans on doing some ACT prep with all his free time. In addition, he mentioned that he will be watching some paint dry as well. Grayson will be going to get food at his favorite place, Indian Palace, where his go-to order is chicken kurma and garlic naan. He is hoping for some snow to fall as he enjoys driving fast in the snow and going sledding. His favorite winter drink is a Chestnut Praline latte with whole milk from Starbucks. His family has a tradition of opening one present on Christmas eve, which is always Christmas pajamas that they wear that night and the next morning. Grayson also plans to celebrate New Years with his family. He reflected that his favorite memory of 2022 happened on the 4th of July over the summer.

The next student to be interviewed is a sophomore, Fabiola Diaz. During the break, Fabiola will be attending cheer practice every day. However, she also has some fun plans to go to Wisconsin with her friends. They go to Lake Geneva and go ice skating on the lake. Her favorite thing about Lake Geneva is a restaurant called Oakfire, where she orders a pizza that comes with honey on it. She is also hoping for it to snow on Christmas eve. As for New Years, she plans to spend it with her friends. Fabiola's favorite memory from 2022 was Halloweekend.

Next up is Colin Wisner, a senior who is looking forward to researching trains during his holiday break. He is excited for Christmas when his family has a tradition of having shrimp and cocktail sauce as an appetizer. Colin prefers the Christmas celebration over the New Years' celebrations. He also mentioned how he doesn't believe in New Year's resolutions. However, he is looking forward to the new semester, when we get back from break. His favorite memory of 2022 was going to Battle Creek, Michigan to see an old railroad.

Lastly is freshman Reese Leonard. She is looking forward to seeing her siblings, who are coming home from college, and getting to spend time with them. She is also excited about holiday shopping. Reese favors Christmas over New Years because she feels Christmas is the season of joy. She is also hoping for some snow over the break, as she claims Christmas is not Christmas with grass. Her favorite holiday drink is eggnog, and her favorite holiday food is Christmas cookies. Reese has a few New Years' resolutions such as getting straight A's and going to the gym. Finally, Reese's favorite memory of 2022 was her volleyball season, as well as winning conference.

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