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Need Homework Help? Check Out the Virtual Resource Center

By: Amy Boehm

With the semester quickly coming to a close, it is important to work hard toward your academic goals. The confusing year we’ve had has proven difficult for some students to get the help they need in their classes. Luckily, virtual resource rooms are here to help! The resource rooms are held through Flipgrid, where students can submit videos or audio messages with questions and will receive a response with one-on-one help from a peer tutor. It’s easy to use, and since tutors check the Flipgrid during lunches, after school, and into the evening, questions are answered promptly. With a variety of ways to submit questions and nearly around-the-clock service from tutors who are happy to help, virtual resource rooms are a great resource for all students. You can access the Flipgrid link through Wheaton North’s website.

In addition to virtual resource rooms, a group of Wheaton North students have been tutoring Hawthorne Elementary students via Google Meets for the past several weeks. Consisting of a group of about 15 buddies, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with kids while also sharpening their academic skills. The elementary students love meeting with their Wheaton North buddies, and all the Wheaton North buddies enjoy spending time with the kiddos as well! There is hope that an in-person meet up will be possible soon, as there have been all-digital meetings thus far. Being able to see a smiling face and make a friend with a buddy gives both Hawthorne and Wheaton North students something to look forward to each week!

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