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Tips to Help Falcons Soar Post-Graduation

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

By: Josiah Cook

Even though advice from a senior may be beneficial, who better to ask for meaningful advice about plans after high school than those who actually have experience with this matter. The Falcon Flyer had the honor of interviewing Mr. Schoon, the extremely helpful guidance counselor/ AP guru and Mr. Biscan, our dedicated and hardworking principal.

They had some helpful feedback to help students make the most of their college experience and end up living their best lives post graduation!

Mr. Schoon stressed the importance of finding a school that is the right fit for your personality and recommended going on as many college visits as possible because “It's the best way to make sure you feel comfortable with the school you are selecting. It's going to be home for 4 years, it should feel like it.” You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes or other articles of clothing without trying it on, and the college search is no different. Do adequate research on what specific programs your schools have to offer and whether they’ll give you the opportunities you need to succeed because, according to Mr. Biscan, one of the major goals of college is to “follow your passion and see if you can make a living out of it” and “the idea of college is another transition, continuation in which students are learning how to keep learning.” College can provide students with amazing educational opportunities if they choose to take advantage of them, and there will often be times where you feel as if you haven’t done as well as you could have. However, that shouldn't discourage you because the transition from high school to college is different and difficult for everybody. Even though trying your best and doing work on time in college is important, Mr. Biscan also said that valuable skills are learned that can’t be quantified by a grade such as “Problem solving, learning to get along, [and] doing things without being told.” All of these skills are necessary to becoming a successful, well-rounded adult. College isn’t only about schoolwork, though. Getting good grades is important, but meaningful social interaction and newfound independence will also help students learn more about themselves. There are a myriad of clubs and organizations at virtually every university out there, and most colleges have a system where if you don’t find any organizations that interest you, you can create your own club! The university schedule is typically way more flexible than high school, and that allows students to take breaks from studying and choose what kind of activities they want to pursue on the side. Overall, college offers students so many opportunities, but the most important thing to remember, according to Mr. Schoon is that “the great thing about college is you have lots of free time; the bad thing about college is you have lots of free time. I recommend getting into a schedule and having a daily routine.” Good luck with the next chapter of your life, Falcons!

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