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Theatre Season Preview

By: Josiah Cook

The Wheaton North theatre department has some exciting new shows in store for the 2021-22 season! First off is the winter play, SubText, which is a series of vignettes depicting the struggles of dating in the digital age. Each scene depicts a certain challenge teenagers face while navigating the world of romance. Central to the plot of the show is Cameron, a hopeless romantic who is in love with his best friend Jamie, who also happens to be his lab partner. However, he isn’t sure if Jamie likes him back, so he spends the entirety of the show trying to decode their interactions. This modern love tale is filled with honest conversations, witty dialogue, and a lot of so-bad-they’re-good jokes that will still make audience members young and old double over laughing. SubText will be performed on February 10th, 11th, and 12th at 7:00 pm.

In April, the theatre department will be putting on a production of Chicago for the spring musical. This show, set in jazz age Chicago, details the endeavors of Roxie Hart’s rise to fame

and her time in prison because of the crimes that she committed in her search for fame and fortune. This exhilarating tale of murderous proportions features “Cell Block Tango” as one of its most memorable musical numbers. Set in the Cook County jail, this song features six inmates singing about how their ex-lovers met their end. The song has an infectious beat, brought to life by six strong female leads vying for attention and glory.

You will not want to miss these shows, featuring some of Wheaton North’s finest shining stars on stage! Whether you are a band, orchestra, or choir student coming for the Patron of the Arts, a friend of someone in the cast, or just a student without any relation to anyone in the play, come to a show and have an amazing time!

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