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The 'We Care' Package

By: Bailey Witter

Mental health has been a struggle for many during this pandemic, and the Wheaton North business incubator class, along with Mrs. McQuaid, have decided to take action and help out those struggling with mental health. Currently, there are many Wheaton North students hospitalized due to mental health struggles, and the goal of the business incubator class is to create care packages for these students to remind them how much they matter. These care packages include a blanket, candy, snacks, a stress toy, and a note. Wheaton North senior Izzy Schneider has experienced struggles with her mental health before, and, when asked why this is something she is passionate about, she replied, “I have met so many people with mental health issues and heard their stories. I know that not everyone has access to therapy as I did. I thought this would be a way to give back to those people." To help create these care packages, please consider donating to this GoFundMe:

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