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The Spring Assembly

By: Ashlyn Kafer

As we close out Winter, we welcome Spring in and the end of the school year with our annual Spring Assembly!

Starting with the roaring sound of our very own Falcon Drumline, the students involved in the upcoming spring sports and activities marched in suit behind them in our extracurricular parade. Met with applause following their introductions, the students took their seats in their respective class sections, most notably the juniors and the seniors who would battle it out at the end of the assembly in some exciting games of dodgeball. Though, before the student body could cheer on their peers in hopes of bragging rights in a never ending battle between upperclassmen, Mr. Biscan opened up the assembly officially with some school pride. The crowd of students and teachers alike answered his calls to “WE ARE!” with some of our notable attributes; “FALCONS! PROUD! NORTH!” He was then excited to announce some of the achievements of the winter sports and clubs that had transpired over their season. Cheer team, chess club, and winter guard were some of the extracurriculars mentioned, each having phenomenal success and repping some Falcon spirit!

Following those achievements, some of our very own Wheaton North winners were able to perform for us. The Winter Guard performed their rendition of the Wild West with fitting costumes, scenery, and props which the audience’s eyes could find nearly touching the rafters before landing in a perfect sequence in the performers hands. Soon after the applause had died down, the K-Pop club entered with spirit to show off some dance moves! K-Pop is a popular genre of Korean music, with a big following across the world for its style musically as well as the modern, hip-hop style dance the groups are often seen doing. K-Pop club embodied such choreography, using dynamic blocking and neat hand movements. Wheaton North was proud to see these students rock the gym, and it was exciting to see all that North offers!

And with much anticipation and excitement, Mr. Biscan was pleased to announce the presence of the Jesse White Tumblers, a gymnastics group that specializes in all things jumps, flexibility, and technique. After their amazing performance last year, many people were excited to see them back again! Met with cheers and applause, the music started, mats were laid out, and the Tumblers began what they were born to do; tumble! In a succession of flips, twists, and turns, eyes were frozen solid to the gymnasium floor to see what these Tumblers could do. In one of their last stunts, some students were chosen to be flipped over (not literally) by the Tumblers. Followed by our very excited mascots, students lined up and crouched over as the tumblers flew through the air, right over their heads! Not only students were involved, however. From the history department and occasionally the football field, the students of Wheaton North were delighted to see Mr. Connor had stepped up to the plate and was a part of the nerve-wracking jumping stunt.

Finally, the assembly closed out in an exciting, close round of dodgeball between junior and senior boys and girls. While the juniors put up a good fight, the seniors prevailed, using the advantages of “sudden death” and pure strength to push them to victory. This exhilarating match was soon followed by the unfortunately cut short teacher vs. students match in which the Senior girls faced off to play some of Wheaton North’s very own Lady Falcon Teachers! While the end of the match was undetermined, it was still an exciting fight to watch and great job to all who participated!

The Annual Spring Assembly is a great way to close out the winter season and bring in the final season of the school year. Best of luck to all of our Falcons during the rest of the semester and for the Spring season!

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