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The Return of Sports at Wheaton North

By: Amy Boehm

At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, the prospect of having to switch around the typical sports seasons was daunting and confusing for many. Now, over halfway through the year, the constant changes in schedules have become a norm for student-athletes. After a brief period without any athletics at Wheaton North, the school has launched its return to typical sports seasons to the best of its ability.

Many recent activities at Wheaton North will be coming to a close on March 13. These sports include boys’/girls’ basketball, boys’ swimming and diving, dance, cheerleading, and girls’ gymnastics. During practices and competitions, it was necessary for these teams to take as many precautions as possible to remain COVID-friendly. Wearing masks and practicing social distancing are just a few of the ways athletes remained conscious of the pandemic. The overall goal of these activities was to give athletes the best season possible throughout these difficult times; following precautions are necessary to achieve this. While circumstances were less than ideal, it’s safe to say that all are grateful for the opportunity to compete and return to a sense of normalcy, however small it may be.

As these sports come to a close, new ones are just beginning. Badminton, boys’/girls’ soccer, boys’/girls’ track and field, football, girls’ volleyball, boys’ gymnastics, baseball, boys’/girls’ lacrosse, tennis, softball, and wrestling are all sports that are planning on returning to Wheaton North in the near future. The IHSA is attempting to give all spring sports as much of a season as they can, while still managing to fit in the fall sports that were not allowed to compete previously this school year. IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson states: “We are excited to channel our energy into creating as many positive experiences for Illinois high school students as we can between now and the end of this extraordinary school year.”

As Anderson said, this school year has definitely been extraordinary. The constant switching of schedules has thrown everyone for a loop. However, Wheaton North is excited to welcome back its beloved sports. The winter sports season has proven to be successful thus far, and our hopes for the success of the upcoming spring and summer seasons are high as well.

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