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The Classic Rivalry: North V. South Football Recap

By: Amy Boehm

A chill is in the air, fog is rolling out over the field, and a sea of white & blue and black & orange fills the stands. The slight mist and cold air makes it feel like typical football weather and increases the furor surrounding the game. The superfans are packed in tight and preparing themselves for the hysteria about to ensue. The Falcons then take the field, ready to have another go at the age-old feud between North and South.

Throughout the game the North team played well, with a particularly strong performance from the defensive line, seeing how they only gave up 8 points. Despite having several athletes out due to injuries, the offense was able to rally and put together a drive with a minute left to set up the game winning field goal, with vital roles in this play made by Mark Forcucci and Seth Kortenhoeven.

Although the credit for the overall prosperity of the team must go to the players themselves, as always, there were lots of contributing factors that played a role in the success of our team, one of them being the intensity the crowd brought. According to senior Trent Gabriele, this was the loudest, most energetic game yet. Due to the effects COVID had on the football season last year, the superfan section at most games was not the same as what we see now, so the energy and vivacity at this game had never before been felt by many of the players. And, contrary to what the Tigers might think, the booing from the south side superfans was only used as motivation for the Falcons to secure themselves another win on the other side of the turf.

The energy surrounding the Crosstown Classic game doesn’t just last for one night though- students at both North and South prepared for the game all week long. With extra hard work at practices from the team and organizing events like tailgates for the superfan captains, the week leading up to the game is full of an intoxicating desire to win and a fierce determination that is almost tangible amongst the players. Having obtained another win against South is a definite confidence booster, but continuing to work hard as the season progresses will also ensure even more successes brought home in the future.

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