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The Aspirations of Wheaton North

By: Kristen Joyce Lopez

Where do you see yourself in ten years? The possibilities are endless. Everyone dreams of different things for their futures, what do you dream of yours? There are similarities in some stories, but everyone has a journey that is theirs to explore. Do you see yourself being married? Traveling the world? Going to Law School or Medical School? Running a business? Having a family? These are the questions students and teachers thought about.

“I hope to be healthy, happy, and debt free!”

Mrs. Castro

Social Studies Teacher, Youth and Government and Book Club Sponsor

“I hope to be retired, travel the world, and bake for my kids.”

Madame Mores

French Teacher, French Honor Society and French Club Sponsor

“"I hope to be helping my oldest son, Max, look at colleges and begin exploring plans after high school graduation! I also hope my family can check off at least 5 new national parks and 1 international trip from our vacation bucket list!"

Ms. Volesky

Science Teacher, Science Club Co-Sponsor

"I hope that I have watched my three children walk happily and successfully through the halls and classrooms of Wheaton North and that I am lucky enough to still have all of my family, both immediate and extended, to live by and love!"

Mrs. Neibch

Math Teacher

“I hope to be rich and happy.”

Briana Kania

Wheaton North Junior, Class of 2024

“I hope I am healthy, happy, THRIVING, and wholesome!”

Angel Aguilar

Wheaton North Junior, Class of 2024

“In ten years, I want to be proud of myself.”

Alexa Valdes

Wheaton North Junior, Class of 2024

“I hope I am just as happy or even happier than I am now.”

Mrs. Moodie

English and Introduction to Acting Teacher, Girls’ Soccer Coach

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