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The Article of Boba Fett

By: Casey Hobson

Before you continue reading, I must warn you that there are many spoilers ahead.

The new Boba Fett show has allowed us to view Boba in a completely different way than we have before. In the Star Wars movies, he is portrayed as a murderer and viscious bounty hunter just like his father Jango Fett. This show takes place in between the timeline of the original trilogy and the new trilogy. In the show, it appears that Boba has gotten softer as he has grown up, and has become less violent. He and his partner, Fennec Shand, take over the town of Mos Eisley that Jabba the Hutt left behind when he passed away. Boba is protective over the people in the town and wants to give them a good life, so when the town is threatened, he will do everything to protect it. In order to save Mos Eisley from the threat of his enemies, the Pyke Syndicate, he needs more muscle to help him.

Meanwhile, the Mandalorian happens to be near Mos Eisley, getting a ship made with his mechanic friend. Fennec ends up finding Mando, and he offers to help for free. Mando flies his new ship to the planet Grogu,“the child,” is on, to go check on how he is doing. Mando ended up dropping off a gift for Grogu, and not seeing him because it would be hard for Grogu if he left again. After dropping off the gift, Mando joins Boba in Mos Eisley and they soon realize they are severely outnumbered. The people of Freetown had planned on staying neutral, but they joined the fight because the Pyke had murdered someone in their town that was very important to them. When the gang and the people of Freetown were starting to push the enemies out, giant droids with shields came in and began to push the gang back. Mando starts leading one on a chase, and ends up stumbling upon his Mechanic friend who claims she has a surprise for him in her wagon. Mando hops in her wagon, and they both move as fast as they can to escape the droid, when all the sudden the blanket on the wagon pops up and Grogu appears! This is one of my favorite parts in the whole show and I teared up as I watched Mando hug the child he had missed so much. Boba then appears riding a giant reptile, and drives out the rest of the forces allowing him and the gang to win the battle. Mos Eisley was safe! Although most of the members of the Pyke Syndicate were gone and Boba ended up finishing off Cad Bane, it is possible that there could be another battle in the future.

The finale ends on a high note with Mando and Grogu flying off to their next destination and Boba and Fennec ruling Mos Eisley. Boba mentions that he and Fennec were not meant for what they were doing. What could that mean? Will there be another battle in season two? Will Boba leave Mos Eisely and return to bounty hunting? We will find out in the next season of The Book of Boba Fett.

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