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Teacher Spotlight: Sra. Bradley

By: Lena Forbes

Every year at Wheaton North, it is both exciting and sad to watch some of the teachers finish up their final year of teaching. This year, Sra. Bradley is one of those special teachers. After 34 years of teaching, 24 of which were at North, Sra. Bradley retired at the end of first semester. Even more amazingly, she is a Wheaton North graduate herself, class of ‘89!

During her many years here, Sra. Bradley has been put to the task of teaching Spanish 1, 2, 3, ESL, as well as PE. Throughout that time, her students have loved her! Sra. Lang says that she’s “seen her former students come back to her for help because they know she is always there for them!” As another former student, Sra. Blatti remembered that “During my time in her class, a flood ruined her basement. And I remember her sharing that with the class and talking about how tough it was. The way she dialogued with us about it and the grace she had in the midst of trouble really stuck with me.” As a former student myself, I remember the safe, honest, welcoming environment that Sra. Bradley’s class always held.

Outside of the time, she spent with students in the classroom, Sra. Bradley grew close to her colleagues. She says that she’ll always remember “the awesome department I had the privilege of belonging to, the supportive administration, and the wonderful students I had.” Two of her fellow language teachers, Sr. Anderson and M. Laird “are quite certain that Sra. Bradley will miss them the most because of all the nice things they do for her.” Each department has its own special charm, and from what it sounds like, the language group will definitely miss having Sra. Bradley around.

Sra. Bradley has many exciting plans for after her retirement. She plans to travel and visit family, as well as spend lots of time at her home in the north woods of Wisconsin. She is also thrilled to spend more time with her granddaughter and helping her daughter with her foster children. You might also see Sra. Bradley working at her family members’ restaurants: Shane’s Deli or 302 Wheaton. Don’t worry though- her students will still be a part of her life, as she mentioned that she still quotes a couple of funny students from past classes, and will still continue to pull up old La Catrina videos when she is missing her Wheaton North family.

Here are a few words from Sra. Bradley that are a perfect tribute to her time spent at North: “Teaching at Wheaton North has been a true gift from God! I am so grateful for the many years here that I have shared with my colleagues and students. I will definitely miss many things and may even have to come back to sub once in a while!” We will certainly miss having Sra. Bradley around, but we wish her the best with her future plans.

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