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Teacher Spotlight- Mrs. Sheldon

By: Lena Forbes

As we near the end of the school year, we continue to celebrate the students and teachers who are leaving Wheaton North behind. Mrs. Sheldon is the Foods 1 and Baking & Pastry teacher here at Wheaton North, and she is retiring at the end of this year. She has been teaching for 37 years in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Romeoville, and at Franklin, Edison, and, most currently, Wheaton North.

One of Mrs. Sheldon’s favorite memories began ten years ago in her first year of teaching. She created the “Wheaton North Cake Wall of Fame” that includes an annual team cake decorating competition. She says, “It’s only the cakes that are ‘worthy enough’ that make the wall.” Each year, they add a group picture next to the pictures of students from the last ten years. Mrs. Sheldon comments, “It’s so fun to have current students look on the wall, smile, and know someone up there.”

Aside from the cake memories, Mrs. Sheldon simply loves Wheaton North. She says, “When people ask me where I work, I always answer with a smile and lots of pride and say Wheaton’s a great school!” Wheaton North truly is an incredible school, and it is extremely lucky that Mrs. Sheldon chose to begin teaching here many years ago. One student, senior Heidi Rominski says, “I had Mrs. Sheldon for Foods 1 and Baking & Pastry. She always picked the best recipes for our group to cook, and it was super fun being able to cook with friends and then eat the treat during class...Mrs. Sheldon is so encouraging and delightful, I’m going to miss her!”

Mrs. Sheldon is planning to do some very exciting activities with her retirement. She wants to visit many national parks, spend time with her grandchildren, and continue baking. I think I speak for all of Wheaton North when I say that we will miss the incredible smells that came from Mrs. Sheldon’s room, along with her genuine passion for teaching. We wish her the best in her future plans and retirement.

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