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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Kristensen

By: Lena Forbes

The last few weeks of school bring many mixed emotions floating through the halls. Many are excited about the end of homework and early morning alarms, and others are sad to leave friends, teachers, and activities. For seniors and retiring teachers, this time of year is bringing even more changes. One of those retiring teachers is Mrs. Kristensen, who has been teaching at Wheaton North since 1988 and who will be off on another adventure in a few more weeks.

Mrs. Kristensen started her career when she was hired to fill in for a special education teacher’s maternity leave. From there, she went on to help with the resource department, teaching self-contained classes and co-teaching in almost every curriculum (including Foods!). She eventually narrowed her focus to math about sixteen years ago, and now primarily works teaching Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2. She also mentioned that she still “LOVES team-teaching with [her] co-teachers.”

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Kristensen spends a lot of time coaching the girls’ volleyball team. She has been coaching at Wheaton North since 1989 and became the team’s head coach in 1997. She has led them to victory at the girls’ volleyball sectional championship in 1997, beat their rivals at Wheaton Warrenville South, and win in the DuPage Valley Conference three times in a row. Ultimately, Mrs. Kristensen states that aside from on-court victories, she is simply proud of her players "who will make their mark on this world....whether they were super talented or just gave everything they had for the team."

After leaving her mark on Wheaton North for just over thirty-three years, Mrs. Kristensen has some exciting plans for her retirement. She plans to spend more time with her children, grandchildren, and their families in Lisle and Nashville. Additionally, her husband is retiring from WWSouth this year as well, so the two are looking forward to traveling extensively, visiting friends, and simply enjoying life.

Here are a few words from Mrs. Kristensen that are a perfect summary of her time teaching: “Working at Wheaton North my whole career has been fantastic. I have been through numerous principals who have supported me and given me the leeway of making my classroom my own personality. From the hiring by Harold Burshtan to Matthew Biscan, I could not have asked for better leadership. Ending my teaching and coaching career at North, I can honestly say I have been a true FALCON and will always cherish the relationships I have made with my colleagues and players. Thank you for a great career as I go off to another chapter in life.” We wish Mrs. Kristensen the best with her future plans and will certainly miss having her presence in the halls here at North.

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