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Teacher Spotlight - Mr. Kroger

By: Corey Ostensen

Mr. Kroger is one of the most recognizable P.E. teachers here at North, teaching freshman P.E., sophomore P.E., and intermediate team sport classes. Throughout his thirty-one years teaching, he has also taught DFP and competitive team sport classes. Mr. Kroger isn’t able to pick a favorite class; he says “each class has its own challenges and rewards.” He has really enjoyed teaching “classes where students, no matter their ability levels, came to class and had fun competing.”

During his retirement, Mr. Kroger plans to visit his family farm in Ohio, coach football, and work on projects around the farm. He looks forward to “spending more time with [his] wife and daughters as well and being more involved in various ministries at church.”

When asked what he will miss most about Wheaton North, he said, “It's been a long haul, having grown up in Wheaton. I attended North as a student and I have been involved at North as a teacher and coach. I will miss my colleagues, the students, and many of the traditions that I have experienced as both a student and a teacher.”

Additionally, Mr. Kroger shared these wise words: “When you hear the phrase ‘time goes fast’, it doesn't totally sink in until you experience it. In many ways my time at North has gone fast. So it comes down to how you treat each day, do you want to just make it through and be ordinary or do you want to work to be extraordinary and have purpose. That question is one that we all need to ask ourselves in order that we don't have to look back and wonder what we could have accomplished had we approached things differently.”

Mr. Kroger, on behalf of everyone at Wheaton North, good luck in retirement; we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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