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Student Club Spotlight: Book Club

By: Haley Troha

Wheaton North is lucky to have many clubs, sports, and activities before and after school, and one of the most enjoyable and interesting clubs is book club. I have attended almost every meeting this year, and I think that it is a very good way to make new friends and express yourself and your literary interests.

Wheaton North’s book club meets once a month in the library, and is hosted by Mrs. Pigoni. Students and staff alike are always welcome to join, no matter what or when you read. The meetings are always very fun, and it is a great group of people to relax with and talk about books. Mrs. Pigoni answered a couple of questions about Book Club for me to share with the school:

What is your favorite part of book club?

“This is a hard one because I love so much about the Wheaton North Book Club. My favorite part of Book Club is the eclectic group of students - aka The Book Clubbers - that finds its way to Book Club each year. Readers from every grade level, all with different interests, talents, and likes, find each other through Book Club. We make friends with students and staff that we might not have the chance to meet otherwise. We don’t always agree on the books we love and hate, but we always have fun talking about them.”

Why did you start/join the book club?

“Book Club was started by our former librarian, and the existing members invited me to join them when I became the new librarian 11 years ago. I continued the sponsorship because we always have a great group of readers at North. Our Book Clubbers make the best suggestions for purchases and for what to read next. We are fun and chill - we laugh a lot and tell great stories. Every reader should join Book Club.”

What is the impact that this club has on the school?

“Book Club guides much of what we do in the LLC. Book Clubbers make suggested reading lists each month, help decorate the bulletin board and LLC space, and try the programming (think book chatting while button making!) before it hits the LLC. Have you ever found a nice note inside a book you checked out from the LLC? It’s from a Book Clubber.”

Anything else you want to tell the readers?

“All readers are ALWAYS WELCOME. Can’t make meetings first semester? You’re welcome second semester! Didn’t read the book? Not a problem - you are still welcome to join us. There is a spot for every staff member and student reader at every meeting.”

Hopefully, you can make it for the last meeting of the semester, which is on May 9th.

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