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Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Bischoff

By: Corey Ostensen

In the course of your time at Wheaton North, it is likely that you have seen or interacted with Mrs. Bischoff. Mrs. Bischoff is the Principal’s secretary here at Wheaton North. She has been working at Wheaton North for 15 years and at Edison Middle School for 8 years before that. At the end of this school year, she will be starting a new chapter and heading into retirement.

Mrs. Bischoff works in the main office assisting Mr. Biscan with “whatever he needs in his role as our Principal.” Her tasks are varied and diverse. She says, “no two days are alike. I come in each morning prepared to be flexible and handle whatever comes my way.” But however much she has to handle, she always says that “the best part of my job is working with the staff here at Wheaton North and interacting with the students.” She works with students, teachers, and administrators all the time, so she says that she will miss all of them very much in retirement.

In regards to retirement, Mrs. Bischoff says, “I feel very lucky to have been a part of Wheaton North and represent our school within the Wheaton community,” but she also says that she looks forward to spending time with her family, especially her grandson. She also is looking forward to “doing whatever I feel like doing each day!” Mrs. Bischoff says, “It will be so nice not to have a set schedule every Monday [through] Friday.”

For parting words, Mrs. Bischoff said, “I will miss the relationships I have with my coworkers and the staff. Since my first day here I have been treated with such kindness and respect. It is my hope that I have given that back in return these last 15 years. And our students can't be beat!”

So, with that, the Falcon Flyer would like to wish Mrs. Bischoff a great end to her school year and a fantastic retirement!

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