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Staff Spotlight- Mr. Mayo

By: Aadil Kherani

Mr. Mayo is known for many things: working hard to give students their best educational experience, always lending a helping hand when needed, and always being there to put a smile on students' faces. Sadly, after 33 years of teaching, 31 of which were at Wheaton North, Mr. Mayo is bidding teaching adieu.

While at Wheaton North, Mr. Mayo has taught in the science department, teaching both biology as well as human anatomy & physiology. Mr. Mayo has said, “I am going to miss the people I work with and the students that show up to learn each day,” and the feelings are definitely mutual. Julia Lonks, a student in Mr. Mayo’s anatomy course, said, “He’s always down for a laugh and is always available for help either in the classroom or the trainers.” These praises for Mr. Mayo’s attributes are shared by many of his former students. Mr. Mayo will go down in Wheaton North history for his superb resourcefulness and genuine kindness. Many students have also admired him for his enjoyable labs and his riveting lectures. Another one of his former students, Stephanie Rodriguez, who was lucky enough to have him for both Biology and Anatomy, has cherished him for making class lively in ways least expected.

Mr. Mayo loves inspiring students to learn; motivating students to work hard is one thing that he will always cherish. One concept he tried to demonstrate to all students was that hard work pays off in the long run. Another one of his favorite memories at Wheaton North is taking down Wheaton South at various athletic events. The competitiveness between Wheaton North and Wheaton South is something that Mr. Mayo quite enjoys, and defeating the opposing team is always an exhilarating event. At Wheaton North, we all come together as one force, and Mr. Mayo really recognizes that. The unity of the school is something that he will really miss.

So, what are Mr. Mayo’s retirement plans as he sets off for the next chapter in his journey? He is not completely sure of it yet, but one thing he did say is that he plans to work at Athletic Medicine in some capacity in the future. Helping people is one thing that he will never stop doing. He also plans to travel; seeing new parts of the world is always exciting and will be a fun way for Mr. Mayo to spend his retirement.

I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Mayo myself for Human Anatomy & Physiology. I will always remember him for helping each student to reach their full potential, as well as being engaging through his various lectures, labs, jokes, class videos, and games. Mr. Mayo will be greatly missed by the Wheaton North staff, and his students will always cherish his vivacious energy.

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