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Staff Spotlight- Mr. Anderson

By: Josiah Cook

For a whopping 27 years, Mr. Anderson has graciously served the Wheaton North community by providing students with a friendly face to talk to. Serving students as a social worker, he has always been a listening ear and provided support for those who may be struggling. Even after all these years of forming relationships with students and becoming more and more experienced, he fondly remembers the day he began his work at North. When asked about his favorite memory throughout the course of his career, he explained: “I have so many wonderful memories being at Wheaton North. If I had to pick one, it would be the day I was hired. I was amazed at how the students and staff welcomed and embraced me into the Wheaton North family. I knew I was in a special place with special people.”

Mr. Anderson’s dedication and commitment to making students feel comfortable and listened to while at school has had a lasting impact on the school as a whole. Furthermore, the feeling is mutual because he has had the opportunity to connect with so many different people, or better put into his own words: “I will always reflect on the diverse number of students I had an opportunity to encourage and inspire to be the BEST version of themselves as I guided them to fulfill their life’s dreams and goals.” He has truly inspired students to succeed and pursue whatever it is they want to do in life. While Mr. Anderson will be missed next year, he will now have time to focus on his own dreams and goals, including traveling. After leaving Wheaton North better than he found it, some of his travel plans post-COVID and goals, in general, for retirement are to “enjoy vacationing in Hawaii and the Caribbean. This includes furthering my clinical counseling and sports performance businesses, consultation, and motivational speaking.” I have had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Anderson on many occasions, so I can attest that he is as kind, compassionate, and generous as he seems. He will certainly be missed, and the whole Wheaton North community is forever grateful for the work that he has done!

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