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Staff Spotlight Collection

By: Corey Ostensen

This year, Wheaton North will see a few of its staff members move on to retirement. A few of these staff members agreed to be interviewed for the Falcon Flyer.

Mrs. Hall is a Special Service Teacher’s Aid, and she has worked at Wheaton North for four years. She says she spends her days, “Adoring the teachers and students [and] encouraging and building up my co-workers and students to be their best them.” She says that the best part about her time at Wheaton North was “making others smile” and “working on speeches and cooking with the students.” The thing that she will miss most about Wheaton North is school spirit and “Falcon Pride.” In her retirement she looks forward to being a life coach and being, “a cheerleader for all people with good intent.”

Mrs. Docekal is a Special Services Secretary. She has worked in CUSD 200 for 20 years, but she said that the last five years at Wheaton North have been the best. Her average day consists of “working on scheduling meetings, arranging subs, entering data, filing and creating paperwork.” She says that in her retirement she will really miss “working with the Special Services Department. The department chair, Mrs. Benedetti and all the case managers and support staff are amazing people.” She has enjoyed working with all of the great people around her, and her favorite memory is of the Special Services Talent Show. In her retirement, she looks forward to her free time, not having an alarm clock, and, “spending time at home with my husband and dog, traveling, and, of course, spending time with all [her] grandchildren.

Mrs. Rice is an instructional aid, and she helps to teach essential classes and skill classes. She has been working at Wheaton North since 1998, and her favorite part of the job is working with students. She described her students and colleagues as her “second family.” She says she really enjoys “watching struggling students succeed in life.” In her retirement, she looks forward to fishing, gardening, and having fun with family. She also has, and will continue to have, a part time job working at the resale shop, Twice is Nice.

Ms. Vasko is one of the school nurses at Wheaton North. She has been working at various schools inside CUSD 200 since 2006. She has been the Health Services Chair at Wheaton North for the past seven years. She says that she really enjoys “getting to know the students and families,” and she will greatly miss the students and her co-workers. One of her favorite things about her time at Wheaton North was the drum line on Friday mornings. In her retirement, she looks forward to making “time for her children and elderly parents.” In terms of plans, she said, “I have a new grandchild coming so [I will] babysit. I plan on volunteering to do relief work with FEMA and Samaritan's Purse. I will also travel, and I would like to clean my house.” As her parting words, she said, “I will miss the staff and students at WN!”

So, on behalf of the Falcon Flyer and everyone at Wheaton North, I would like to wish these staff members an outstanding finish to the year and good luck with their retirement!

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