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Rom-Com Recommendations for the Hopeless Romantics

By: Kristen Joyce

If you are anything like me, you are a hopeless romantic that will be single this Valentine’s Day. This article consists of multiple romantic films to watch to fill the void.

An incredible book series that was later adapted into a film that captured thirteen-year-old me’s heart, is To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. If you haven’t watched the movie or read the books, here is a synopsis. Lara Jean Song Covey is our narrator, she is a Junior in high school and has never truly been in a relationship. She has had multiple crushes, specifically John Ambrose McClaren, Josh Sanderson, Lucas Kramf, Kenny Donati, and Peter Kavinsky. However, she has never revealed her true feelings to any of these boys. Instead, she relays her fantasies on a piece of notebook paper tucked away in a gift box in her closet. Since these letters are only for Lara Jean to write so she can truly move on, she is as honest and descriptive as it gets.

Suddenly, all of Lara Jean’s love letters are sent out and every single guy she has liked is now made aware of Lara Jean. This movie is adorably awkward and it truly had middle-school me squealing. (However, I wish she ended up with a different love interest but that is beside the point). I have to thank this series since it is the series that got me back into reading. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a perfect movie to enjoy this Valentine’s Day if you love cheesy rom-coms with a relatable lead and fantastic side characters.

The second movie I have to recommend is my favorite movie of all time, Flipped. This movie was also adapted from a book and both the film and book are phenomenal. Flipped portrays both perspectives of our two leads, Juli Baker and Bryce Loski. Juli and Bryce have lived across from each other for their entire childhood lives. Juli has had the largest crush on Bryce for a substantial amount of time. However, Bryce has never felt the same way. Bryce is drawn to sticking with his popular friends and satisfying them as well as his parents, Bryce makes no decisions of his own. Suddenly, Juli decides that for once and for all, Bryce is no longer worth her time. But, as you would assume, the story flips. Bryce now has an irresistible urge to think about Juli. Will Juli ever feel the same way for him again? Have her feelings for Bryce been relinquished forever? I highly recommend this movie, it is a sweet movie and it doesn’t overtake your emotions for too long.

The final movie I have to recommend is not a book adapted into a movie, but it is adapted from a folk tale. This movie is Another Cinderella Story, this film was a favorite of mine ever since I was a little girl. Needless to say, I do not need to elaborate on Cinderella, it is a commonly known storyline that has been adapted into multiple musicals and movies. (Amongst the SIX total movies). Selena Gomez plays Mary Santiago, a teenager who is a maid for her legal guardian. I recommend this since the dance scenes are a joy to watch. The songs are also ridiculously catchy.

I truly hope that if you have not watched any of these movies, you have discovered one that you are interested in watching.

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