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Chemtrails Over the Country Club Review

By: Aadil Kherani

Lana Del Rey returns with her seventh studio album titled Chemtrails Over the Country Club. Jack Antonoff returns on Chemtrails as the primary producer. The album consists of eleven tracks including a cover of Joni Mitchell’s 1970 song “For Free'' as the closer. Her eighth album, Rock Candy Sweet, is also on its way, set to come out in June. Overall, Del Ray delivers soothing vocals throughout Chemtrails and makes for a very relaxing experience. Chemtrails continues to show her musical growth, although not reaching the heights of her previous album.


“White Dress”

Lana Del Rey’s high, raspy vocals make for an extremely elegant, peaceful song. Expressing the simplicity of everyday life is something that Del Rey proves to do really well, as she paints us a picture of her life when she was a waitress. The opening track was accompanied by a music video of Del Rey skating and spinning through the streets that fits the song perfectly.

Rating: 9/10

“Chemtrails Over The Country Club”

The title track has a lot to offer as a quietly calming triumph. The track is very metaphorical and can be seen in different ways such as the chemtrails representing the problems of the modern-day world looming over her. The track is eloquent and shows her love for some loose time to be with her siblings. The track also has a very aesthetic music video to go along with it.

Rating: 9/10

“Tulsa Jesus Freak”

Lana Del Rey hits us with sugary vocals with a very compelling melody. “Tulsa Jesus Freak” attests to be one of her most addictive, with its lucrative chorus and repetitive “White Hot Forever’s.”

Rating: 8.5/10

“Let Me Love You Like A Woman”

The lead single is a relaxing nostalgic song. It comes with a music video that is compiled with clips of her past. The song overall is a little underwhelming and not one of her best, but still proves to be a relaxing listen.

Rating: 6.5/10

“Wild at Heart”

This is Lana Del Rey’s most fun song on the album. The lyrics match the overall arching simplistic theme of the album as well as having a good variety of vocals with a catchy chorus.

Rating: 8/10

“Dark but Just a Game”

This track is pretty great overall with a good beat, lyrics, and vocals. It doesn’t stand out among the other tracks, but, nonetheless, still a great listen.

Rating: 7.5/10

“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”

Del Rey’s voice is very angelic on this track and achieves a harmonious chorus, but not much else is to be said about it.

Rating: 6/10


This track is pretty simple lyrically talking about the changing of relationships. Lana Del Rey gives a variety of vocals and provides us with a reasonably average song.

Rating: 6/10

“Breaking Up Slowly” (ft. Nikki Lane)

The song is fairly good, lyrically painting a picture of a breakup. The vocal chemistry is okay but does not really offer much. The song is slow-paced and, overall, not that intriguing.

Rating: 5/10

“Dance Till We Die”

This song is pretty average vocally but offers some fun. It also includes an amazing bridge.

Rating: 6.5/10

“For Free” (ft. Zella Day, and Weyes Blood)

The cover is delivered pretty well. Overall, a chill track, but it does not expand on anything from the original, and just reveals itself to be mediocre.

Rating: 6/10

Overall Lana Del Rey delivers a reposeful album that has a lot to offer. Like most of Del Rey’s albums, Chemtrails Over the Country Club will only get better with each listen.

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