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Reflecting on Homecoming Week

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

By: Avery Ducar

We’re over a week removed from homecoming, but that doesn't mean we can't look back on all the celebrations we had.

Sunday September 19, 2021 began the homecoming week festivities with hallway decorating. All the grades had the opportunity to decorate a section of either the 100’s or 400’s hallways. The juniors decorated the first half of the 100s hallway and the sophomores decorated the other half. The seniors decorated the first half of the 400s hallway and the freshman the other half, with the win going to the seniors.

Monday was the first spirit wear day! The theme was for students to wear college apparel. The powder puff game after school pitted the girls junior class vs the girls senior class in flag football, with an amazing performance from the cheerleaders. It was a great game between the junior and senior classes, but unfortunately for the juniors, the seniors won.

Tuesday was Tropical Day! Many students wore their favorite Hawaiian shirts. After school, students went to pack the gym for the girls’ varsity volleyball game and head to the boys’ varsity soccer game. Both teams won!

Wednesday was PJ day, which we know many students enjoyed! The senior show was the event of the day. The senior show consisted of a talent competition, fashion show, and Q & A session, with super creative stand-up comedy and song performances taking the spotlight.

Thursday was blue and gold day! We had the homecoming assembly which involved the Falconettes, steppers, cheerleaders, and a teacher performance. Casey Morrison and Holden Peterson were crowned Homecoming Royals as well. The band and dunk tank made an appearance too. After school however, it was movie night where The Greatest Showman was played.

Friday was a teacher institute day but we still had a football game! Our varsity football team went against Lake Park where we won 41-7! The superfan theme was neon out.

September 25, 2021 was the day of Homecoming! Thank you to everyone who helped with setting up homecoming. I hope all those who went to homecoming had fun as well as those who decided to not go!

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