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Post-Graduation Plans!

By: Josiah Cook

Well, senior class, we appear to have reached the end of the 2021-22 school year, which means graduation is upon us! Luckily, college brings more opportunities, and Wheaton North students have some amazing plans in store for them! Some students, like Sofia Warren, are traveling across the county for a change of scenery. Sofia, who will be attending California Baptist University, states that she chose the school because she “wanted to experience life somewhere else, where I could be entirely independent and take myself out of my comfort zone!” The sunny weather in California sounds really appealing, especially when WN students have been living in the bleak midwest where the weather changes every five minutes. Sophia mentioned that she is excited to be her own person and make her own decisions, which is one of the appeals of college. It's a chance to discover what one truly wants out of life, get their priorities straight, and to completely reinvent themselves if they choose to do so. If they haven’t had the best experience in high school or are unfulfilled with the way things have turned out, there’s always an opportunity to make a positive change.

It also seems that many Wheaton North seniors have an accurate idea of what gives them purpose because of the fact that they want to do something that they are passionate about. For example, Zoe Jobgen stated that they “plan to major in psychology at Knox College” because ”it’s a subject [they’re] very interested in, and [they] want to have a career that [they] love and where [they] can keep learning new things every day.

However transformative college can be for a lot of people, there is a misconception that pursuing secondary education is one magical experience filled with happiness and excitement. The harsh reality, though, is that not everyone enjoys their time at college. If you are feeling sad at college, it’s ok to reach out to someone to let them know. At every university, there are people available to support students. So seniors, just know that there will always be someone in your corner to help you navigate this next stage in your life!

Writer’s note:

Just by happenstance, the majority of students who filled out the google form that i created are planning on attending a four year university, however, that is not the only option. Alternatives exist such as taking a gap year, starting work, going to a trade school, or volunteering!

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