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Peter And The Starcatcher; A Fall Play

By: Josiah Cook

The origin story of Peter Pan took center stage when the Wheaton North Theatre Department performed the Fall Play, Peter and The Starcatcher. On Thursday, October 14th and Saturday, October 16th, this magical play showcased Peter (portrayed by sophomore David Mann) and his quest to find a home after being orphaned for so long. In the show, Peter and his friends from the orphanage, Prentiss (Riley Scott) and Teddy (Maisie Zink) went on many adventures with Lord Leonard Aster’s daughter, Molly. The Asters are starcatchers, people who prevent the powerful remnants of fallen stars known as “starstuff” from falling into the wrong hands. The infamous pirate captain Black Stache (Marcos Rodriguez) and his sidekick Smee (Ben Hanson) desire power and glory that the starstuff will bring to them, and so they make every attempt to stop it.

Though technically considered to be a play with music, this high seas adventure featured musical numbers such as “Mermaid Outta Me” in which the entire cast transformed into beautiful merpeople for a snazzy and jazzy performance, and “Swim On,” a morose and haunting ballad that reflected Peter’s dire situation amidst the literal and figurative storms in his life. This tale certainly made a splash as the first official show of Wheaton North Theatre’s Season! Of course, the actors weren’t the only ones that made the performance great: but Costume, Props, and Set Crew all pitched in to make sure this show lived up to Wheaton North’s legacy of high-quality productions! Special thanks to Ms. Lim, Mrs. Fricke, Mr. Phillips, Ms. Tucker, Mr. Theis, Mrs. Strah and Mr. Petrando for agreeing to hang around a bunch of theatre kids and not losing their minds!

It was very exciting to see a live audience indoors once again after a tumultuous year of Zoom rehearsals and empty audiences, which made the joys of live theatre even more rewarding. Peter and The Starcatcher was incredibly well casted, but the camaraderie that developed within the cast makes me proud to be a part of the theatre community.

This is David Mann, he's a sophomore at North. David is Peter Pan in the play Peter and The Starcatcher.

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