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Ms. Hancock's Memorial Garden

By: Avery Ducar

Ms. Hancock was a very special and important person to many at North. Upon her passing, Mrs. Wolf decided she needed to find a way to honor Ms. Hancock. Ms. Hancock has been a Falcon for many years, she was a student, a student teacher, and then a teacher here at North. She was one of our most valued teachers. She was loved dearly by all her friends and family as well. Only good things have been said about her.

To honor Ms. Hancock, last summer, a section of the courtyard was completely made-over and is now Ms. Hancock's memorial garden. Her garden is also a Monarch butterfly garden. Her memorial garden is in the middle of the main courtyard, as a way of showing how she was an important part of our school. Mrs. Wolf came up with the design but had help from Wheaton North's staff and Amanda at PlanIt Landscapes Perspectives, who will also continue to take care of the garden. A clump birch tree was a request by Ms. Hancock's parents; this is surrounded by benches for students. A plaque was ordered by the school and science department. There is also a refurbished falcon statue from Ms. Hancock’s sister’s graduating class that Mrs. Wolf restored this summer. Mrs. Bischoff’s husband created the bee house in the garden. The bricks around the garden were put in with the help of our custodians. Many different people were involved in putting together the memorial garden.

Mrs. Wolf used to teach Ms. Hancock, and they became close friends through the years. Mrs. Wolf took on the challenge of fixing up the courtyard to honor her friend. Mrs. Wolf's goal was for the garden to honor Ms. Hancock as well as be a place kids could go to learn, talk, or relax—a place where kids like to be. Mrs. Wolf said Ms. Hancock was a “Falcon through and through.” She was a valued friend and teacher to many. When it was time to plant the flowers in the garden, there was a day for staff, family, and friends of Ms. Hancock to help plant flowers in the garden. Ms. Hancock’s legacy will live on through her family, friends, colleagues and students. We can’t wait to watch the flowers bloom and the butterflies flutter through the air.

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