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Ms. Ahlberg Spotlight

Updated: 3 days ago

By: Kristen Joyce

Meet Ms. Ahlberg! She is a first-year teacher at Wheaton North and is teaching both United States History (sophomores) and Government and Civics (juniors). She coaches Freshman Girls Badminton and Junior Varsity Girls Basketball at Lisle High School.

In college, she majored in Secondary Education and History/Social Sciences. She chose History since she has always been fascinated by it. She believes that people are much more connected to history and the social sciences than they realize. During her freshman year of college, she figured out that she wanted to become a teacher and truly fell in love with teaching. Even though she did not know for sure what she wanted to pursue career-wise, she knew that she wanted to work with children. Along with coaching a sport. So, teaching allowed her to get the best of both worlds, teaching students a topic she was fascinated with and coaching.

Ms. Ahlberg is actually a former falcon herself! Throughout her time at North, she became thoroughly involved in basketball and other sports. She was not the greatest when it came to school but she tried her best. Although she describes herself as an average student when it came to grades at North, she knew wanted to work at a place like it. Then, she got that opportunity when she saw that there were openings in some teaching positions.

During her childhood however, Ms. Ahlberg wanted to become a veterinarian. Her family’s history has a wide variety of careers, such as lawyers, business owners, coding technicians, people in the police force, and non-profit workers.

As a student, there have been a myriad of teachers that have influenced her. Most notably, Coach Eaton. He was both her basketball coach and a teacher of hers. Mr. Eaton influenced her due to his attitude and his effort for his job. He has this ability to connect with students in a personable and caring manner.

Everyone has been extremely welcoming and helpful toward her. Her closest teacher friend is Ms. Cohen since they are both new to the department and Wheaton North. Plus, they sit right next to each other in the office.

Ms. Ahlberg describes herself as easy-going, reliable, dependable, and fun. She sees herself as Jim Halpert from her favorite show, The Office. Her favorite movie is Avengers: Infinity War. And, her favorite artists consist of Post Malone and Morgan Wallen. Her most beloved songs are made by those two.

When asked what traits make a good teacher, she stated that the best teachers are organized, relatable, patient, understandable, reliable, and kind. For anyone, the best quality of a good work ethic is doing things to the best of your ability.

She wants to make sure she creates a cooperative, interactive environment where her students get all of the resources they need. She wants to make sure they are relaxed when they come into her classroom.

When asked if she thinks that her younger self would be proud of her or not, she said definitely. Something that motivates her into working hard is acknowledging her own achievements and allowing herself to be proud of her actions and accomplishments. Another motivator for her is seeing others working hard and seeing their accomplishments. She makes sure to take the time to remember what she is working towards.

In ten years, she hopes she has a family, is still teaching, and has two dogs. She wants to be remembered as a fun teacher that was able to get students to both enjoy school and to have major takeaways from history. She would tell her sixteen-year-old self to “enjoy the moment”. And, her advice to current high school students is to enjoy the now and to slow down.

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