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Mrs. Murphy Spotlight

By: Katie Payne

It is always hard to see a beloved teacher enter into retirement. Mrs. Murphy’s absence is no different. She has been teaching at Wheaton North for 19 incredible years. Starting off her career at North as the first woman liaison officer, she spent 21 years in this position and says she thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then, she has spent 19 years teaching at North, and she has loved it. Some of her favorite moments at Wheaton North include founding the school's first gaming club, smash club. She remarks about that group of kids, saying they were incredible and always brought high turnouts to meetings. They even started off with as many as eighty kids in the second week of the club's creation.

In her retirement, she plans to spend heaps of time with her sixteen-month-old grandson, Liam. He calls her “mamaw,” and she hopes to have a lot of fun with the adorable little guy. In her free time, she has even taught him some sign language. He knows how to sign “please,” and he uses it often.

When parting from Wheaton North, many teachers would like to leave behind a piece of advice or a goal to live by and remember. Mrs. Murphy would like to advise everyone to always ask questions and to remain kind to one another. She says that often when one person has a question, they are not the only one. Speaking up could help not only yourself but also someone else. She highlights the importance of asking for help when you are unsure instead of not saying anything at all. There are always teachers out there who are willing to help their students, and want to help in any way they can. Mrs. Murphy's kindness and warm spirit will always be felt at Wheaton North, even when she is no longer physically here.

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