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Mr. Graf-Teacher Spotlight

By: Olivija Vasiliauskas

Mr. Graf retiring this year after 33 years at Wheaton North and teaching for a total of 35 years. The subjects he has taught at North consisted of Freshman English, Sophomore English, Junior English, Communication Studies, Applications in Writing, and Senior Rhetoric. Before he taught at North, he taught at Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany, and Schaumburg High School. One of his favorite memories here is when the boys' varsity soccer team won an ISHA regional title in 1988 after they beat their rival, Wheaton Central. It was his first year coaching varsity and he was proud of the hard work they put into receiving that title. A fun fact about this accomplishment is Mrs. Gosling’s husband was one of the captains of the team and was the main reason for the victory.

When thinking of North, the first thing that comes to Mr. Graf’s mind is how his high school experience started here. He recalled “ My high school career began here at North (back before time!), and I didn't want to come here because virtually all of my buddies at Edison Junior High were going to Wheaton Central. I was bussed up to North from the south side of Wheaton--I remember "Reelin' in the Years" playing on the bus radio during the ride--and was awed by how BIG the varsity football players were! I played Freshman A football, Freshman A basketball, and Freshman/Sophomore golf that year and was quickly drawn to the school's athletic/academic climate, my coaches, and my teachers to the point where I did not want to leave to attend the newly-completed Wheaton-Warrenville High School(WWHS)! From not wanting to come here to not wanting to leave--and then making a teaching career here and working with my WWHS teacher/mentor, Dr. Jim Langlas--it's ALL been a blessing.”

As for his post- pandemic plans, he does not have much planned right now. He may do some travel in the first year of retirement ( Day trips!) with his wife, Judy. There are also a lot of things the two want to do, but they are happy being together with no particular schedule.

I have been fortunate to have Mr. Graf this semester for my Communication Studies class which has been a lot of fun. He will surely be missed after he leaves Wheaton North.

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