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"Midnights" by Taylor Swift Review

By: Ashlyn Kafer

Taylor Swift has been an iconic figure in mainstream western media for almost two decades, first landing on the Billboard Top 40 in 2006 and reappearing on the list for many years since then. Her music has inspired many young people and with the release of her new album “Midnights,” her popularity has only grown. Is “Midnights” the next best TS album? What makes “Midnights” and all other Taylor Swift music so popular? Divulging into the distinguished mind of Taylor Swift, here is a review of the 2022 album “Midnights.”

The meticulously planned release of the album was part of its appeal. Swift began by announcing her new album at the 2022 VMA’s in August. Soon after, beginning on September 21st (one month before the release of “Midnights”), Swift began her “Midnight Mayhem” series on TikTok. Between then and the 21st of October, she released 13 videos on her TikTok page at midnight, spinning a bingo wheel and pulling one of 13 numbers to reveal the name of the songs on the “Midnights” track list. This sparked interest and excitement for the average Swift enjoyer because they could speculate the idea, theme, or sound of the song based on the title. Taylor Swift is known for her “Easter Eggs” of sorts in her media releases as well as the creative ways in which she typically releases her albums/singles. “Folklore” and “Evermore” were released not five months apart from each other and also were not announced until hours before their releases. This suspenseful way of announcing her music sets Taylor Swift apart from other artists as she continues to create more music after almost 20 years of being in the business. Surrounding the “Midnights” album, Swift also released seven additional songs at three in the morning on the night of the release of the album, The additional songs were released as “Midnights (3am Edition)”

The album “Midnights” is beautifully written, being inspired by 13 of Swift’s “sleepless nights.” Each song is inspired by various sleepless nights of her life. In a video attached to the album on Spotify, Swift mentions five things that inspired the album including, “self-loathing, fantasizing about revenge, wondering what might’ve been, falling in love, and falling apart.” The album starts with “Lavender Haze,” an upbeat song incorporating muffled background vocals and a steady beat and catchy lyrics which make it a very good opening to the album. “Maroon” follows, continuing the upbeat feel to the first track of the album with a chorus that is very meaningful and incorporates Swift’s traditional nostalgic lyricism. “Anti-Hero,” “Snow On The Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey),” and “You’re On Your Own, Kid” are slower than the first two tracks, but provide relatability to the listener while incorporating her own inspiration that she mentioned in the attached Spotify video. “Midnight Rain” and “Question…?” are both respectively nostalgic feeling songs as many of Swift’s are, but they include this whimsical aspect that is concurrent throughout the rest of the album. “Bejeweled,” “Labyrinth,” and “Karma” are each very fun songs, yet have that aforementioned whimsical aspect to it that set the feeling of the “Midnights” album apart from the latter of Taylor Swift’s other albums. They also include a synthwave sound, adding to the beauty of the lyrics and creating a newer sound for the album that is different from much of mainstream pop. “Sweet Nothing” transitions into the end of the album with a slower beat and melodic vocals, which carries into “Mastermind” that sounds like reminiscing and includes many nostalgic aspects within the lyrics and the constant synth melody in the background. It ties together the whole album and pulls a greater feeling from the audience due to the relatability of the lyrics.

“Midnights” by Taylor Swift incorporates a different sound onto the top charts which Taylor Swift finds herself upon once more. The album incorporates nostalgia with personal doubt and growth along with reminiscence which is proof of the growth of Swift herself as her music mirrors her personal changes. The album is beautiful musically, using synth sounds and varying vocals that give each song a unique feel. Overall, the album is a must listen and possibly a new favorite for those who have not yet indulged in the vast world of Taylor Swift.

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