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Let’s Talk About Bruno

By: Corey Ostensen

On November 24, 2021, Disney released their newest animated film, Encanto, starring Stephanie Beatriz and John Leguizamo among others and is sure to be a great choice for you and your family. It features an original soundtrack written by fan-favorite Lin-Manuel Miranda and Germaine Franco and is directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush. It is available on Disney+ (free with subscription), YouTube ($5.99), Vudu ($5.99), and Apple TV ($5.99). It runs for a total of 1h 49m and is rated PG.

Encanto takes place in the mountains of Colombia where the main character, Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz) and her family live peacefully, protected by a magical candle in a sanctuary known as ‘the encanto,’ the Spanish word for charm or enchantment. Each member of the Madrigal family is blessed by the candle with a special gift: one can control the weather, another has super strength. All of the people born into the family have such gifts- all except for Mirabel. However, she discovers that the magic in the candle is fading, and members of the family begin to lose their gifts. She seeks out her exiled Uncle Bruno (John Leguizamo) to help find out the cause of the Madrigals’ issues. In the end, she teaches everyone in the family to be themselves, comes to terms with her own frustrations of being gift-less, teaches the family to love each other, and restores the magic candle.

Perhaps the best aspect of the movie is the soundtrack. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has topped charts for weeks now, and if you have younger siblings, you know personally how catchy it can be. “Dos Orugitas”, a touching Spanish melody that tells the love story of Mirabel’s grandparents, has even been nominated for an Oscar.

Personally, I enjoyed this movie a lot. It had a cute plot and funny characters. I would rate this movie at a 7/10; I’ve seen better Disney movies. This one was good, but I wouldn’t put it on the same level as, say, Moana or Frozen. Personally, I would say it is comparable to Raya and the Last Dragon. 88% of Google users liked this movie. It was given a 76% by Metacritic, landed a 90% on the Rotten Tomatoes scale, and was rated 7.3/10 by IMDb. Overall, I would recommend watching this movie if you haven’t already. The characters are intriguing, the plot is interesting, and the music is very bright and happy.

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