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Humans of Wheaton North: Jackson Durbin

By: Angelina Grimm

Jackson Durbin is very passionate about his participation in the school's marching band. This year Jackson started as a center snare in the drumline. He described this experience as a big responsibility for him because he gets to play taps by himself. Jackson found himself going to his instructor for advice on his new position, where he assured Jackson that whatever happens, happens and that he could relax. Often after performances, Jackson finds himself wondering, ”What could I have done differently to prepare better for this?” He loves to critique himself to perform the best he possibly can.

Jackson mentioned athletes' mental health throughout the interview where he suggested that mental health should always be a priority for any sport. While marching band requires mental and physical dedication, Jackson mentioned that the mental side of the drumline is more of a focus for him because there are so many things to be focusing on. He described having to think about a series of things at once including, thinking about timing feet, timing hands to feet, listening to play and blend with the other players, posture, where your head is while walking, walking with straight legs, when will change directions, and the music he is playing. He admits it's hard to handle sometimes, but he likes to think of it with a positive perspective. He learned from previous experiences that being negative during a performance blocks the focus of performing to a person's best ability.

In 5th grade, Jackson started playing percussion and decided to continue it throughout middle and high school. He used to think of band class as an easy A, but over the years, he became more and more passionate and eventually decided to choose drum line over other sports he played when he was younger. He described drumline as “always something to improve, no matter how much talent you have, and it felt a lot more welcoming and enjoyable, which kind of helped me make up my mind about what I want to pursue through my high school years.” Jackson had to go through many obstacles before he became a center snare in the drum line. In his freshman year of high school, he didn't make the drum line and felt discouraged. There was an upperclassman on the drumline that motivated him to improve himself and prepare for next year's audition. He described this person with, ”positive energy, and all of his jokes and enthusiasm made every day even brighter when part of the drumline.” Fast forward to now: Jackson continued to incorporate similar actions to his previous role model.

Jackson plans to continue with his passion and do drumline in college as well. As students of Wheaton North, next time we see the drumline or marching band, make sure to cheer extra loud for Jackson and all the other musicians who symbolize our school spirit.

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