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Humans of Wheaton North: Felicity Burghart

By: Angelina Grimm

Felicity Burghart, a student at Wheaton North High School, is about to start her senior year. She is involved in multiple activities such as orchestra, cross country, environment club, and PAWS. When Felicity was asked about how she felt about her senior year, she answered with a series of different emotions. The exciting parts of senior year intrigued her like the pep rallies and senior skip day. Felicity also answered with the simple word, "bittersweet" on the idea of starting a new chapter—the sadness of leaving behind old friends, mixed with the delight of new opportunities.

When asked what has motivated her to work hard during her time in high school, she acknowledged the common answer of working hard to get good scholarships in college. She has already applied to colleges back in late August. She wanted to get her college applications out of the way so she could enjoy her senior year. Felicity has accomplished so much in her short time here at Wheaton North. Her proudest accomplishment was having herself step out of her comfort zone. It is important to have a good mental state during the stress of high school and be able to grow into a better person. She was also delighted to be able to make many new friends throughout high school. Felicity has her fears about leaving high school as most students do. She explained a sense of familiarity that we experience as high school students. Many of us have lived in the same places and been surrounded by the same people our whole lives. So when we leave everything we know, it can be nerve-racking. Overall, many seniors like Felicity are excited for their last year of high school and what the future holds for them.

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