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HSM2: A Show That Came Together in Under 6 Weeks

By: Sadiya Kherani

Another Wheaton North Theater production is coming to an end, and another strong company of actors, crew, pit and so many others have come together to make an amazing show! This year’s spring musical is High School Musical 2, directed by Lim, the phenomenal director that made it possible to create a show in 6 weeks. Although all tickets for the Friday and Saturday shows are sold out, the company took some time to recap how this experience went for them. So, if you did not get an opportunity to get a ticket to the show, allow this to be a moment you can live vicariously through the company and pretend you are watching the show.

The prep for this show started just under 6 weeks ago and has been a very hectic rehearsal process. Caden Bohmer who is a senior and plays Ryan Evans explains a little bit more about this, “[It’s been] a lot of stress, and a lot more time put in outside of rehearsal this year compared to in years past.” But, it has also been a very rewarding experience for all. Caden continues, “[It’s great] watching everyone come together and be able to sing and dance and have a good time in a year where everything has been different.” Senior Emily Hudson, who plays Kelsi Nelson, elaborates, “It’s been pretty intense right from the start, from the first week. We’ve had rehearsal almost every day, and it’s been really fun, but really a lot.” But although it has been a lot, it has all been worth it explains the cast. This will be Wheaton North’s first live show since the winter of 2019, which is making this experience one that everyone is extremely grateful for. For many seniors, this is a cool full-circle moment because this year's graduating class of theater kids did High School Musical (the original one) their freshman year.

This year has also been one where North theater has had the opportunity to welcome many new faces to the performing arts department! One of the newest members to the musical company, freshman Natalie Boba, shares her experiences. Natalie is a part of the ensemble and is super excited for her first show and is happy she’s found a space where she can perform. Natalie’s favorite number is the final number, “All For One.” Another new member to the world of musicals at North is sophomore Cole Morgan, who plays the role of Chad in the show. Cole explains the realities of a show with a complete turnaround in six weeks. “It’s really tough. It’s a lot of work, but it’s still fun!” One of his favorite parts of the show is “I Don’t Dance." In this number, baseball bats have been blocked into the choreography, which is an exciting parallel to the movie.

Finally, the show would be nothing without the amazing crew and pit. While all the actors were busy learning choreography, songs, and blocking, the crew was hard at work becoming stagehands for all the fast transitions; the pit was hard at work learning all of the music for the songs and transitions; and tech was hard at work figuring out how sound would work in a location no one is used to performing in (Memorial Park). Sophomore and head of tech, Toby Martin, expresses, “If [this show] wasn’t able to happen, I wouldn’t be able to meet all the people and do all the things I get to do right now. It is really wonderful that I get to actually come in and have more experience...just the idea we get to do this is really great.”

So, if you are a Wildcats fan, don’t forget to support your fellow Wildcats this weekend. Send them a text to “break a leg” or, if you were able to get a ticket, cheer as loud as you can and show your support for the amazing company of High School Musical 2!

Photos by: Emily Hudson

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