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How to Fix Your Finals Frenzy

By: Haanya Quadri

With finals season looming around the corner, it’s easy for most students to feel overwhelmed and stressed in anticipation of the dreaded three-day finals period. It’s even more daunting this year, because most students haven’t taken finals for almost a year and a half. Here are a few ways to make sure you keep your mental health in check while also preparing to do your best.

  1. Don’t procrastinate. It may be self explanatory, but pushing off your studying sessions can lead to higher stress levels and lower grades overall. No matter how appealing it sounds to ‘do it tomorrow,’ start studying early so you can get through everything you have to with time to spare.

  2. Break it up. Studying a little bit every night has been proven to be more effective than studying in one or two big chunks. I would recommend studying small sections from different classes each night, instead of trying to re-learn your entire science class in one sitting. When you study, take breaks every half hour to stretch or get a snack; get your blood flowing!

  3. Get your beauty sleep. Make sure you get adequate sleep, which is around seven to eight hours every night leading up to finals. Do not attempt an all-nighter the night before any of your finals, because it can hinder your performance during the exam. Interestingly, sleep can also increase memory retention!

  4. Take care of yourself. Both your physical and mental health are important in doing well on any test, so make sure you are eating well and exercising regularly. If you can, try to boost your mental health by practicing mindfulness and decreasing stress whenever you can.

  5. Try your best. Just like any other test, if you put forth your best effort, chances are you’ll get the grade you’re hoping for. Your final can even boost your grade if you do well enough, since it counts as a summative assessment and is a considerable percentage of your grade.

Happy studying, and best of luck!

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