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How to Deal with College Rejections

By: Haanya Quadri

Almost every senior knows the overwhelming feeling of anticipation that is felt when waiting for responses from colleges. Most of the time, students forget all about their anxious worries when they find out they have gotten into their ‘safety’ schools, or schools in which the student has a good chance of being accepted. But sometimes, especially for students applying to more competitive schools and programs, that feeling of anticipation melts away only for a deep feeling of disappointment to replace it. It may be hard for students who have been rejected or deferred from their dream school to come to terms with alternative paths. Here are things that you may want to keep in mind after you read your rejection letters.

It is important to remember that you can achieve your career goals no matter what college you end up at: it all comes down to what you do with whatever resources you have, especially if you are considering going to grad school after undergrad. While it may be disappointing to find out you have been rejected from your dream school, try to find the positive aspects in other schools you have been accepted to. Do not feel like you are not good enough if you get rejected from a school: the college admissions process is notorious for being quite subjective in their decisions, especially in more competitive schools. So keep your head high and explore other schools that can be equally, if not more, beneficial to you. Try not to let your rejection from one school make you less excited about the college experience in general. In the worst case scenario, consider transferring to another school after you have done a year or two at a school in which you have been accepted. Again, no matter where you end up for college, you will thrive and make lifelong friends as long as you make the most of it.

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