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Homecoming 2022

By: Corey Ostensen

This past week was Wheaton North’s 2022 Homecoming week. A fantastic seven days filled with spirit days, fun-filled events, and the highly anticipated Homecoming Dance.

Starting off the week strong was hallway decorating on Sunday. This year we had four great plays on the rodeo theme, including “Space Cowboys” and “This is our first rodeo.” All four of the hallways were decorated splendidly, but the Juniors came out on top.

  • Continuing our week, Monday was pajama day. We saw lots of flannel pants crowding the hallways during the day, and even more blue and white at powderpuff that night. Powderpuff was a great game, and the powderpuff cheerleaders at halftime did a great job. Juniors ended up winning, but it was a great time for all.

  • Tuesday’s spirit day theme was “Denim Day,” and after school was Pack the Gym and Pack the Stands. Starting at 4 PM, Varsity Tennis played against Wheaton South. Later, Girls’ Volleyball had an exciting win against Glenbard North. On top of that, Paige Syswerda (‘23) got her one-thousandth assist. She is the first Wheaton North volleyball player to achieve this honor.

  • Wednesday continued our amazing spirit week with a Mean-Girls-inspired pink-out day. From fuchsia to lilac, we saw lots of great outfits. Wednesday was also the Senior Show. This magnificent production included outstanding seniors, including Jack Durbin, Josh Herera, Ben Hsu, Matt Hyde, Carina Jones, Toby Martin, Cole Morgan, Lukas Schaafsma, and Zoe Shores-Navata. We saw many outstanding acts, including comedy acts, a dance performance, juggling, and an emotional roller skating drama act. This year's winner was Cole Morgan, followed closely by Matt Hyde and then Josh Herrera.

  • Thursday was Flannel Spirit Day, and the annual homecoming movie night. This year’s film was Back to the Future: Part III. This year’s food trucks included delicious pizza from Billy Bricks and delightful mini-bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

  • Friday was class-color day. Keeping with tradition, Seniors were blue, Juniors were yellow, Sophomores were gray, and Freshmen were white. That night was the annual homecoming football game, where Wheaton North beat Glenbard North 21 to 14.

  • Lastly, Saturday was the big Homecoming dance. With a record-breaking attendance, it was a blast. We’ve never seen the Commons so busy!

A big thanks goes out to the Student Council for bringing us this week of fantastic events and to all those in the student body who participated!

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