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Get Ready, Get Set, March!

By: Melody Elbel

The Wheaton North Marching band had their first competition this season, on September 17th. Students were asked how they felt about their first performance in front of a judge. Andreea Sofariu, a sophomore, said, “I feel like I’m prepared for this competition. I’m a little nervous about this first competition since this is my first year in Marching Band. But, we’ve practiced a lot so I’m not too worried.”

Kent Krause, our band director, was asked how prepared he thought the band was. He answered, “I think the band has worked very hard, and I’m very excited to show off that hard work and talent at tonight's competition. The score does not matter as long as we play to our full potential.”

Milcah Turner, a sophomore in her second year of Marching Band, said, “We’ve been preparing our show for a long time. The band as a whole is pretty good. I’m mostly excited to see the marching band alumni who joined the Marching Illini at ISU!” Three former Wheaton North students are a part of the Marching Illini, Deven Rae, Sophie Cho, and Sam Neumann. They took the field after all the high school bands had gone. Everyone cheered for our alumni as they passed by, we even got a wave from Sophie Cho (our previous Drum Major). The band quite literally pranced onto the field. Mid-way through their show it started to rain, but they kept on playing.

After ISU performed, we got to hear the placement for each class. There are 3 classes from biggest to smallest. A, AA, and AAA. Wheaton North is in Class AA. Competitions are scored by General Music Effect and Visuals, the highest point possible is 100. We scored 68.95 and got second place in our class! After we took our trophy home, Krause said, “I’m very proud of our students, they did a great job and it was nice to see them recognized for their hard work.”

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