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Farewell to Dr. Ellett

By: Angelina Grimm

This spring marks Dr. Ellett’s last semester here at Wheaton North, as she has accepted the position of Principal at Lake Park High School. As she moves forward with her successful career, she shares some of her favorite memories and reflects on her time at Wheaton North.

Ever since she was a child, Mrs. Ellett always knew she wanted to be a teacher. She began her career as an English teacher in Southern California, and she worked there for seven years. After that, she decided to get her master’s degree because she wanted to learn more about how schools can best serve all students. She then began her career at Wheaton North as the English department chair. She loved being able to teach classes while also supporting teachers. In her current job as assistant principal, she is involved with the hiring of teachers, evaluations, working with departments and department chairs, and professional development. Additionally, Dr. Ellett is also involved with creating school schedules and academic programming.

While reflecting on her connection to the student body, she noted how all educators develop a passion for wanting to help students. When she was in the classroom with students, she found it easier to make personal connections with them. However, as assistant principal, she is still able to have meaningful relationships with students in a different type of way. For example, she forms connections through the Hawthorne Buddies program that she helped create. She also mentioned meeting students through summer reading programs and chaperoning a past Europe trip.

One of her favorite Wheaton North traditions is the special olympics because the event fosters joy and brings the Wheaton community together. She also reminisced about the pranks that occurred within the English department when she was department chair. Another fun memory she will always hold on to was when the football team won the state championship last fall.

Mrs. Ellett has loved her time here at Wheaton North and will miss everyone greatly. We all wish her the best as she anticipates starting her new job as principal at Lake Park High School next year!

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