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Falcons Bring Home a Win At The First Game Of The Year

By: Katie Payne

It’s 7 o’clock on the first Friday night football game of the year on Rexilius field. The stands are packed. Shoulder to shoulder, students, parents, siblings, and friends gather to watch the Falcons play. The student section is filled to the brim with superfans decked out in tropical gear including, but not limited to, Leis, sunhats, floaties, Hawaiian shirts, and hula skirts. People wait in what seems like a mile-long line at the concession stand for a meager hot dog. The sea of students in green neon sunglasses roars like lions, cheering and stomping so loud that the bleachers shake with every move. This is what a community looks like and sounds like.

Starting off strong, a touchdown was scored in the first quarter of the game. Immediately, senior Eden Pearson hops on the pushup board and starts cranking pushups out, per superfan tradition. Two more touchdowns were scored in the second quarter and a fourth in the third quarter. The game was brought to a close with a remarkable score of 28-7 with a strong Falcon Win. Once again, at the first game of the year, the community is reminded of how good it feels to win. After the Falcons’ tremendous path to victory last year as the state championship winners, the town of Wheaton started to take football seriously. It’s clear that this activity brings everyone together and that it brings joy to Wheaton's inhabitants.

Once the game had concluded, superfans bounded down from the stands to go stand and wait for the Falcons to storm the fence. They shout screams of joy and grin ear-to-ear. Cowbells are rung, friends laugh, hands flail high up in the air. All the overwhelming feelings of joy remind us why we love it here: the community, the team, the togetherness. That is all alive at Wheaton North. That togetherness is Friday Night Football.

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