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Falcon's Football Shines on Homecoming

By: Amy Boehm

The Wheaton North superfan section is packed, full of students sporting all different kinds of Hawaiian gear to show their support for our football team. Parents, siblings, and other Wheaton residents have also made their way to the bleachers to watch the game and experience another exciting night. Then, thunder rumbles, lightning strikes, and the sky opens up. This, however, was no deterrent for many fans, and only worked to prove the tenacity of the football players. After being cooped up inside for an hour waiting out the rain, both teams came back to the field ready to go, with the stands just as full as they were prior to the storm.

A light mist continued to fall over the field, but that didn’t stop Brayton Maske, the starting running back, from scoring a touchdown within the first minute of the game. As the game progressed, the Falcons never lost the lead, with more notable touchdowns from Brayton, Mark Forcucci, and Luke Beedle. The game came to a close with an impressive interception by Freddie Elftmann and a final score of 35-3, securing another win for Wheaton North.

The homecoming game against Lake Park ended with a 41-7 win for the Falcons. Seth Kortenhoeven remarked before the game that, “We just need to have another week of really focused practices to help us get ready to dominate Lake Park.” It looks like the practice paid off! With all the festivities after school each day leading up to the big game and dance this weekend, Wheaton North students celebrated the win in style.

Although the experience and general competitiveness of playing football is what brings many players to the field, the camaraderie and team relations are no small factors either. Putting in all the hours required to be as cohesive of a team as Wheaton North requires lots of time spent together. Trent Gabriele, another senior on the team, says, “No one person can dominate the game, all eleven people need to do their job every single play, and if one person doesn’t do their job, it will cost you. You don’t get that in other sports.”

Rain or shine, there will always be a stadium packed full of students itching for the opportunity to support their Falcon football team, and a team ready to put in the long hours and hard work to make sure they are at the top of their game whenever possible.

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