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Everything You Need to Know About the Winter Show

By: Sadiya Kherani

Although live shows have not been possible for Wheaton North Performing Arts this year, the show must go on, and it did. This year the theater department is putting on a movie version of their winter show. It premieres on March 25th and closes on March 27th, just like the live show would have. It will be available on Youtube for only three days, so catch it while you can!

This year's winter show is Miss Holmes by Christopher M. Walsh and inspired by the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The cast describes this show as: “Crazy, amazing, murder...feminist, mysterious, intriguing” This show follows the famous characters Holmes and Watson but instead of them being men, they are both women. It looks at the struggles they would go through as women in the Victorian world. Analyzing and breaking gender norms, the play follows the adventure of these two women and the struggles they have throughout the show. Student Director Leoni Reilly describes the show as: “A very interesting message because you are depicting the original character of Sherlock Holmes as women and the journey they experience with the misogyny of Victorian England is an important message everyone should learn.” Miss Holmes is played by one of Wheaton North Theater’s finest: Madelyn Strasma. Dr. Watson is played by a new face to Wheaton North Theater: Sage Sorensen.

The show might have a different energy this year because you can’t watch it live, but the talent that you will see is endless, and it is definitely worth watching. Two members of the cast Zoe Shores-Navata and Maya Warchol explain why everyone should watch the show. Explaining: “A lot of hard work went into it. It deserves to be watched. It has a good script. It’s humorous, and it has a little bit of everything.”

Believe me when I say this show is very well executed with phenomenal acting. Please support the Wheaton North theater department and be sure to check out the show from March 25th to March 27th!

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