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Dukane Conference Lit Fest

By: Amy Boehm

Every year, our school has the opportunity to participate in the DuKane conference Lit Fest, a contest for writers of all different genres and styles. This year, it was held over Zoom, and students whose work was selected were invited to watch the ceremony in the library on April 14th.

Lit Fest contains several different categories for submission including Personal Essay, Short Fiction, Descriptive Sketch, Poetry, and Spoken Word Poetry. Pieces are judged by a different person for every category and a group of students could be awarded honorable mentions, third place, second place, or first place. There is also an additional category for the critic’s pick; the judge reading all the submissions chooses two works they thought stood out in some way and explains their choices in a short video.

The ceremony took place live at St. Charles North, however all other conference schools attended over Zoom. It began with a speaker, a teacher at St. Charles North who used to write professionally for the MLB, giving a presentation with advice for young, aspiring writers. The ceremony then progressed to presenting awards for each category. At North, we had several students place for their work. For the Personal Essay, Josiah Cook, Maggie Larson, and Yordanose Nur all received honorable mentions; for the Short Fiction Kelly Arana and Sofia Spillane received honorable mentions and Elise Langas received third place; for the Descriptive Sketch Kelly Arana and Caden Baaske both received third place and Caroline Gaither received second; for Poetry Brigette Noyes and Josiah Cook were both honorable mentions, and finally, in Spoken Word Poetry Sophia Meade received first and Zoe Fritz received third place.

The presentation concluded with a workshop for students-a chance to get feedback on their submitted pieces and work on other important skills from each category. Students at North ate pizza in the library, collaborated, and celebrated their writing!

If you are interested in submitting something for Lit Fest next year, pay attention to announcements from the English department regarding instructions for submission. You now have a full year to perfect your piece- happy writing!

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