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Charley Marchis Takes Home New Ace Record

By: Amy Boehm

Congrats to Charley Marchis for smashing the state ace record in boys volleyball! In volleyball, an “ace” is when the ball is served and the serving team immediately earns a point. This could be because the other team either didn’t touch the ball, or they attempted to return it and failed. In general, an ace is not a common occurrence in a volleyball game.

Previously, the record for most aces in a match of high school boy’s volleyball in Illinois was 14. As of yesterday, May 17th, the record became 19 aces and is now held by Wheaton North’s own senior hitter, Charley Marchis. After working hard all season in attempts to break this record, his efforts have finally paid off. The previous record was blown out of the water at this St. Charles North game, where the falcons also secured a win with a score of 25-9 and 25-12. The 19 aces accounts for a significant portion of the total points scored-an impressive feat. So far, the boys have an overall record of 25-9 and 5-1 in conference, placing them at second.

We congratulate Charley on his new record and this incredible achievement. We wish the boys luck with the rest of their season!

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